Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie with Oatmeal

Although smoothies might be the ultimate summer drinks, it doesn’t mean the yummy goodness has to stop once the cooler months roll around.

Exactly the opposite! If smoothies can be energy boosters during a summer morning, they can be just as comforting and rev you up during fall or winter.

While most of us like to opt for something tropical, easy and not so filling during a hot day, you might want a little more substance to your smoothie to keep you warm, when you’re cozying up under a blanket on a winter day. You just have to
switch things up a little bit.

Here is an easy, filling, protein-dense smoothie to satisfy your tastebuds, because let’s be honest, we all want to venture outside of the detox-dinosaur green smoothie color palette every now and then.

Here are all the ingredients you’ll need to make this yummy morning or afternoon starter smoothie:


Make sure not to use the pre-sweetened and flavored oatmeal packets that you buy in bulk in supermarkets.

They have an excessive amount of sugar and unnecessary flavors added to them, which you don’t need.

We’re staying all-natural, so just try to get whole grain rolled oats.


Feel free to peel and freeze your bananas beforehand! Doing so will result in a more thick, overall creamier consistency, which a lot of people like.

Peanut Butter

You might already have a favorite brand you order from every time, but in case you don’t, try to use unsweetened peanut butter and get one without any artificial additives. Nothing but peanuts!


We’re plant-based all the way (almond milk or oat milk is our go-to usually), but animal-based milk works just fine if your tummy tolerates such a thing.


1. Pour the oats into the blender (we’ll grind it directly in there).
⅓ of a cup will usually be enough, but it depends on your hunger level. Pulse until it becomes finely ground.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the fine ground oat powder and blend until it becomes smooth!

3. Your drink is ready! Grab a furry blanket, dust off your book or the remote and it's pleasant Saturday afternoon